This figure seems to be a rare species. You might have seen this before since I did a Show and Tell of it when I used to write for Tomopop. I also realized I didn’t seem to save any of the pictures I took and had to edit out the Tomopop stamp. I’m so sad I didn’t save the other shots ;w; I’m also amused that I feel like my post seems to be the main source of showing proof of this figure? XD (Found this from Yahoo answers lol) Did anyone else buy this?

This is actually one of my favorite figures out of my whole collection. ♥ If you’re trying to looking for him now, maybe after seeing this post, good luck — you’ll need it.


THE hEROM@STER: SP (PSP, 2009, Japan Only)


Ocarina of Time: the Hero and the Seven Sages



August 28th - happy birthday to Satoshi tajiri AKA the creator of pokémon!

(he is alive, btw)


女神さまのおしおきですっ!por 渓介輔之助
translation: palutena’s boobs tho.
女神さまのおしおきですっ!por 渓介輔之助

translation: palutena’s boobs tho.